Department of Five-Year Junior College Program



On May 7th, 1967 the founder of Hungkuang, Dr. Yu Lin Wang established the Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing, carrying forward his father’s legacy of medical service. On July 12th of that same year, Dr. Wang became the school’s first president. Dr. Wang founded the school because of the growing development of medicine and the lack of individuals with specialized nursing education in Taiwan. The Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing was the first college in Central Taiwan. Since then, the school has been offering the Five-Year Junior College nursing program.


Educational Goal

The Department of Five-Year Junior College Program aims to develop clinical nurse professionals who are competent and trusted by patients and their families and the public. In addition to strengthening basic medical and nursing knowledge, the curriculum focuses on learning related to the humanities, social, scientific, artistic and other knowledge and emphasizes the unity of theory and practice, so individual general capacities and dispositions. The core competencies for the program include (1) general clinical nursing skills, (2) basic biomedical sciences, (3) communication and cooperation, (4) critical thinking, (5) caring, (6) ethical knowledge, (7) accountability, and (8) lifelong learning.