Department of Five-Year Junior Nursing  College Program


In 1967, Dr. Wang Yu-lin, the founder of our school, recognized the increasing development of medicine in Taiwan but the shortage of personnel receiving specialized nursing education. He realized the importance of complementing medical and nursing care to achieve better results with less effort. Therefore, he actively planned and established a five-year nursing midwifery vocational school, central Taiwan’s first nursing vocational school.

In 1984, we expanded the pathway for vocational school nursing students to pursue further education by establishing a two-year daytime nursing program in response to societal demands.

In 1989 year, a two-year nighttime nursing program was added.

In 1991, in accordance with national policies and the discontinuation of midwifery, the five-year and two-year programs were merged and collectively referred to as the Nursing Program. We actively integrated with the social pulse, implemented humanistic care education, and enhanced the qualities of nursing professionals.

In 1997, year, nursing department was established to establish a complete technical and vocational education system.

In  2012, department of five-year Junior college program was established.

Educational Goal

The educational objectives of the nursing program are as follows:

To cultivate students who possess professional nursing skills, humanistic qualities, and the core knowledge for self-growth, in order to become competent clinical practitioners in the field of healthcare.

Future Outlook:

  1. Enhance the quality of teaching and create a nursing program that excels in cultivating high-quality nursing professionals.
  2. Adapt to social demands and create distinctive features for the department.
  3. Continuously improve the qualifications of associate professors and above, strengthening the expertise of the faculty.
  4. Continuously develop creative teaching methods and enrich teaching materials.
  5. Continuously enhance the practical abilities of the faculty, promoting the integration of practice, research, and teaching.
  6. Develop a learning organization to facilitate the professional growth of the faculty in teaching.
  7. Strengthen international and cross-strait academic exchanges and international relations.
  8. Reinforce the positive image of the program and promote social services.